At Surpass Learning Centres we offer the following:

  • Every programme is specifically adapted to meet the needs of the child
  • We engage our students with interesting, active lessons
  • All our teachers are DBS checked
  • We always have a member of staff qualified in Paediatric First Aid.
  • Our assessments are matched to those used in schools & colleges
  • We offer regular feedback to parents
  • We have established links with local schools and colleges
  • We have an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum
  • Our lessons are delivered by qualified professionals
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“On the day of my tutoring with you I didn’t feel unsure or put under pressure. I just felt normal and happy. It was this day when I knew that I was going to find my work a lot easier and my confidence was going to go sky high and this happened because of you. Every single lesson I had with you I achieved so much more and became more confident every time. One of my biggest achievements was when I got 92% in a Maths test and 95% in an English test.”

Niamh Hunt

11+ Entrant

“I have a really good Maths teacher, he carefully explains ideas so that I can understand the method behind the process, especially with fractions and long division. I am now much more confident after getting a 5A! He allows me to make mistakes and notes down strengths and weaknesses so that I can improve. I really appreciate his patience and his humour which altogether make our sessions go really fast and sometimes wish we had longer.”


Year 6 Maths Student, Handsworth

“I’ve really enjoyed my 2 hour tuition sessions. I get to experience a range of exercises; from comprehension activities, quizzes, using challenging texts from secondary schools, spelling and numeracy skills as well as using VCOP to improve writing. My teacher is relaxed and funny and this helps me enjoy our activities even more. I now feel much more confident about my ability, thanks Sir.”

Hannah Kaji

11+ Student, Aston

“I didn’t like English, and I thought Shakespeare was going to be scary. But actually we did so much role-play and drama, there were so many photographs of our scenes in our books that we had to evaluate that I really got to understand what was happening. I really liked the fact that we could bring our own ideas into the scene. I thought our group’s idea of the fight in Romeo & Juliet in the playground was the best and the head teacher was Prince Escalus. Don’t tell anyone, but the other group’s idea of the gang fight happening in Asda and the security guard being the Prince was wicked!”


Year 8 Student

“I don’t get poetry, it never makes sense. However my English teacher used everyday songs, to help us develop our confidence. It started to make sense and he was so encouraging that we were allowed to have our own opinions about what we thought was going on. I now definitely want to do English Literature for GCSE because, to my own surprise, my poetry essay was actually quite good.”


Year 8 Student

“As my English teacher, he always had a good sense of humour but he was really quick to find out my bad habits. And he could almost always predict the mistakes I was going to make. He knew me really well but sometimes I found that hard in lessons. However it really helped me improve. I would sometimes say things in lessons that would surprise everyone including myself. I grew so much in confidence that even with a different teacher I got a C in Year 10. I was so happy that I told him straight away. Unsurprisingly, the first thing he said to me was ‘I could do better’! After that he was always the first person whose advice I asked. He thinks I can get a B. I think he’s crazy.”

I. Majid


“When my daughter started secondary school, I had real concerns about how well the teacher would know her. However he was so good with her, giving up his own time to help her that she really grew in confidence. He challenged her just enough so that she was always learning. Now she has been predicted a high Maths grade and I remember where this progress started.”

Mrs. Adams

Parent, Moseley

“In year 7 my tutor helped me with English and Maths and within months I was identified as Gifted & Talented. I’ve been predicted high A* grades at school and have some tough targets. I’ve really enjoyed reading and creative writing, especially using freeze frames for exploring themes. The work on equations blew my mind! It’s Shakespeare next – wow?”


Year 8 Student, Arthur Terry School

“I love Art but I needed help with my Science module, and my teacher was brilliant. He allowed me to use drawings in my science revision and he knew the content really well. I sometimes need help remembering key facts and he used some really useful techniques to help me revise. My assessments are showing that I’m on track to beat my targets at school, I might even get an A.”


Year 10 Student

“We used a really good story to develop our comprehension. It made the tutoring sessions engaging and Sir shared another book with us that we all wanted to go home and buy so we could read the rest of it. Even the boys! It was a fab way of enjoying reading and understanding what English lessons in secondary might be like. The role play was great fun even though I was quite shy at first. I can’t wait to start Year 7.”


11+ student, King Edward VI Five Ways

“I was predicted a D or below in my GCSE subjects. With the help of my tutor, I managed to get a C in all my subjects! Exceeding everyone’s expectations! He easily understood my needs, my targets and went out his way, using his spare time to get results and to push me forward as a student. His organisation skills helped me learn to manage and overcome my bad habits, breaking through the stress; making me feel more confident with myself. Because of his help, I now have a place at Sutton College doing English Literature, Creative Writing, Sociology and Psychology.”


6th Form Student

“I achieved an A in my science GCSE exams because I found all the tutorial sessions helpful. I especially found going through past exam papers together really valuable. It helped me to answer the questions properly and showed me how to manage my time during exams. The techniques for how to revise for the exams that you showed me helped me a lot and was an effective way to study, so thanks for that. You were always on hand to give me advice and I really appreciate the time and effort you put in. I have now been offered a place at 6th form and will continue to do Biology and Chemistry there.”

Perkha Pecha

16 year old FE Student (September 2014)

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