How to Improve Sentences in 4 Easy Steps

By Abbass Karimjee Surpass Learning Centres A sentence is simply a unit of words that on their own make sense to the reader and most often contain a subject (he, she, they, I, My Tutor) and an action word (often a verb) that changes the subject in some way. For example: I am dancing. The… Continue Reading

How to encourage reading for pleasure:

Reading for pleasure: A 2-Step ‘How to’ guide. Fact: Children who read for pleasure are most likely to be academically successful. Recognising this, a report by Ofsted in 2012 recommended that all schools should develop a policy on ‘reading for pleasure’. Two years on and we have still not moved forward. You see the problem… Continue Reading

Does reading make you smarter?

Case Study: Does reading make you smarter? Abbass Karimjee It is often argued that reading is intrinsically important to a child’s acquisition of language. However we know that reading can be much more powerful than just this; our understanding of the importance of story time has been demonstrated by plenty of research. This case study… Continue Reading

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